We are proud to announce that KOFSOL Group will once again serve as the official partner for the World Brand Congress.

Last year, this prestigious event for branding and marketing professionals took place in Mumbia India. KOFSOL Group was actively involved as the Official Partner and face of the Congress in Nigeria and the rest of West-Africa. It was a great honor to not only serve in this capacity but also to witness our country’s nominees win in 3 different categories.

KOFSOL Group is once again the official partner for the World Brand Congress this year and we look forward to even greater success. Over the course of the coming weeks, KOFSOL Group will host press conferences and a variety of high-impact events in connection with the World Brand Congress.

These pre-Congress events will be taking place in Nigeria while the World Brand Congress will be taking place in Singapore on the 31st of July, 2014.

Those qualified for award nominations in connection with the World Brand Congress are Corporate Entities, NGOs, Educational Institutions and select individuals.

The pre-requisites for nomination include a track record of positive contribution to society and industry as well as a demonstrated dedication to brand excellence.

To stay up to date on Press Conferences and other news regarding this outstanding event, be sure to connect with KOFSOL Group on LinkedIn.